2018 Presidio GL/SDDA
Team Schedules - B2006 AAA
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ALL A      

Winner of bracket based on total points after round robin play.
Group -- A
A1 : CSC B-2006 Red
A2 : Borussia Del Mar B06
A3 : SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)
A4 : Atlante SD F Villalba
A5 : Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquez
A6 : Fallbrook Villa FC B2006
A7 : Atlante SD A Herrera
A8 : DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnar
A9 : San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripe
A11 : NFFC B2006 RED

Bracket - Saturday, September 08, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488088  Pershing MS  09:30 AM  2 A1 vs A2CSC B-2006 Redvs.Borussia Del Mar B06
 488091  Cesar Chavez Park  10:30 AM  1 A4 vs A11Atlante SD F Villalbavs.NFFC B2006 RED
 488087  Cesar Chavez Park  12:00 PM  1 A7 vs A9Atlante SD A Herreravs.San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripe
 488090  Ingold Sports Park  12:30 PM  3 A6 vs A8Fallbrook Villa FC B2006vs.DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnar

Bracket - Sunday, September 09, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488094  Sage Canyon Park  09:00 AM  1 A8 vs A9DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnarvs.San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripe
 488093  Colina Del Sol Rec Center  11:10 AM  1 A3 vs A1SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)vs.CSC B-2006 Red
 488095  Mira Mesa Rec Center  11:50 AM  1 A5 vs A7Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquezvs.Atlante SD A Herrera
 488096  Hickman  01:30 PM  2 A11 vs A6NFFC B2006 REDvs.Fallbrook Villa FC B2006
 488092  Carmel Creek ES  01:50 PM  2 A2 vs A4Borussia Del Mar B06vs.Atlante SD F Villalba

Bracket - Saturday, September 15, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488100  Pershing MS  11:15 AM  2 A1 vs A4CSC B-2006 Redvs.Atlante SD F Villalba
 488097  Ingold Sports Park  12:00 PM  3 A6 vs A2Fallbrook Villa FC B2006vs.Borussia Del Mar B06
 488098  Mira Mesa Rec Center  01:10 PM  1 A5 vs A3Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquezvs.SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)
 488099  Sage Canyon Park  02:00 PM  1 A8 vs A11DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnarvs.NFFC B2006 RED

Bracket - Sunday, September 16, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488106  TBD   --    --  A9 vs A11San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripevs.NFFC B2006 RED
 488102  Cesar Chavez Park  08:30 AM  1 A7 vs A3Atlante SD A Herreravs.SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)
 488104  Cesar Chavez Park  10:00 AM  1 A4 vs A8Atlante SD F Villalbavs.DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnar
 488105  Pershing MS  11:45 AM  2 A1 vs A5CSC B-2006 Redvs.Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquez
 488103  Carmel Creek ES  02:30 PM  2 A2 vs A6Borussia Del Mar B06vs.Fallbrook Villa FC B2006

Bracket - Saturday, September 22, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488110  Mesa Verde MS  08:00 AM  1 A9 vs A3San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripevs.SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)
 488111  Cesar Chavez Park  02:00 PM  1 A7 vs A5Atlante SD A Herreravs.Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquez
 488109  Ashley Falls Park  02:20 PM  1 A8 vs A4DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnarvs.Atlante SD F Villalba
 488108  Fallbrook HS  03:30 PM  1 A6 vs A1Fallbrook Villa FC B2006vs.CSC B-2006 Red

Bracket - Sunday, September 23, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488152  Colina Del Sol Rec Center  09:40 AM  1 A3 vs A5SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)vs.Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquez

Bracket - Saturday, September 29, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488114  Colina Del Sol Rec Center  09:30 AM  1 A3 vs A11SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)vs.NFFC B2006 RED
 488115  Cesar Chavez Park  10:00 AM  1 A4 vs A6Atlante SD F Villalbavs.Fallbrook Villa FC B2006
 488113  Mira Mesa Rec Center  11:30 AM  1 A5 vs A9Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquezvs.San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripe
 488112  Cesar Chavez Park  12:00 PM  1 A7 vs A1Atlante SD A Herreravs.CSC B-2006 Red
 488116  Sage Canyon Park  01:05 PM  1 A8 vs A2DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnarvs.Borussia Del Mar B06

Bracket - Sunday, September 30, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 536665  Nestor Neighborhood Park  09:40 AM  1 A3 vs A8SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)vs.DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnar
 536667  Pershing MS  11:30 AM  2 A1 vs A6CSC B-2006 Redvs.Fallbrook Villa FC B2006

Bracket - Saturday, October 06, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488120  Mesa Verde MS  10:40 AM  1 A9 vs A7San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripevs.Atlante SD A Herrera
 488118  Pershing MS  11:00 AM  1 A1 vs A8CSC B-2006 Redvs.DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnar
 488121  Hickman  11:00 AM  2 A11 vs A5NFFC B2006 REDvs.Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquez
 488117  Colina Del Sol Rec Center  11:00 AM  1 A3 vs A2SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)vs.Borussia Del Mar B06

Bracket - Saturday, October 13, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488123  Carmel Creek ES  10:50 AM  2 A2 vs A5Borussia Del Mar B06vs.Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquez
 488125  Hickman  11:00 AM  1 A11 vs A7NFFC B2006 REDvs.Atlante SD A Herrera
 488126  Nestor Neighborhood Park  11:20 AM  1 A3 vs A4SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)vs.Atlante SD F Villalba
 488124  Mesa Verde MS  12:00 PM  1 A9 vs A1San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripevs.CSC B-2006 Red

Bracket - Saturday, October 20, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488131  Mira Mesa Rec Center  08:30 AM  1 A5 vs A4Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquezvs.Atlante SD F Villalba
 488127  Ingold Sports Park  12:00 PM  3 A6 vs A3Fallbrook Villa FC B2006vs.SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)
 488128  Cesar Chavez Park  12:00 PM  1 A7 vs A2Atlante SD A Herreravs.Borussia Del Mar B06
 488130  Hickman  01:00 PM  1 A11 vs A9NFFC B2006 REDvs.San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripe

Bracket - Saturday, October 27, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488134  Sage Canyon Park  09:35 AM  1 A8 vs A3DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnarvs.SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)
 488132  Mira Mesa Rec Center  10:30 AM  1 A5 vs A6Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquezvs.Fallbrook Villa FC B2006
 488136  Hickman  11:00 AM  1 A11 vs A1NFFC B2006 REDvs.CSC B-2006 Red
 488133  Carmel Creek ES  12:20 PM  2 A2 vs A9Borussia Del Mar B06vs.San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripe
 488135  Cesar Chavez Park  02:00 PM  1 A4 vs A7Atlante SD F Villalbavs.Atlante SD A Herrera

Bracket - Saturday, November 03, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488138  Cesar Chavez Park  10:00 AM  1 A4 vs A9Atlante SD F Villalbavs.San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripe
 488141  Mira Mesa Rec Center  10:20 AM  1 A5 vs A8Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquezvs.DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnar
 488139  Ingold Sports Park  12:30 PM  3 A6 vs A7Fallbrook Villa FC B2006vs.Atlante SD A Herrera
 488137  Carmel Creek ES  12:40 PM  2 A2 vs A11Borussia Del Mar B06vs.NFFC B2006 RED

Bracket - Saturday, November 10, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488142  Sage Canyon Park  11:10 AM  1 A8 vs A7DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnarvs.Atlante SD A Herrera
 488145  Mesa Verde MS  11:40 AM  1 A9 vs A6San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripevs.Fallbrook Villa FC B2006
 488146  Hickman  01:30 PM  2 A11 vs A4NFFC B2006 REDvs.Atlante SD F Villalba
 488143  Carmel Creek ES  03:00 PM  2 A2 vs A1Borussia Del Mar B06vs.CSC B-2006 Red

Bracket - Saturday, November 17, 2018
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome Team Away Team
 488149  Mesa Verde MS  08:00 AM  1 A9 vs A8San Diego Football Academy-01-B2006 Stripevs.DMCV Sharks B2006 - Bodnar
 488148  Pershing MS  12:00 PM  1 A1 vs A3CSC B-2006 Redvs.SD Real Madrid Silver B2006 (Vasquez)
 488147  Cesar Chavez Park  12:00 PM  1 A4 vs A2Atlante SD F Villalbavs.Borussia Del Mar B06
 488151  Ingold Sports Park  12:35 PM  3 A6 vs A5Fallbrook Villa FC B2006vs.Juventus SD - B2006 Gold Vazquez
 488150  Cesar Chavez Park  01:30 PM  1 A7 vs A11Atlante SD A Herreravs.NFFC B2006 RED

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